We that are in the spring of our grief
Our days grow brighter, and warm
We are amazed at the renewal of our souls
Our faith is like the new buds, and spring flowers
It waits to explode forth
To bring new color into our souls

We that are in the summer of our grief
We look in wonder at our renewal
It's like the new green grass
The leaves upon the trees
The sun shines down upon us
It brings warmth to our souls
We are splashed in glorious warmth
Our hope is restored

We that are in the fall of our grief
It is crisp, like the autumn wind
We watch grief fall upon us
Like the autumn leaves that falls to the ground
Our days grow longer
We experience the pain of loss

We that are in the winter of our grief
It is cold, and dark, and bleak
We wonder if we will ever feel warm again
Our days are short, and nights, lonely and long
We pray for warmth again

 by: Deborah Long 


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