Another birthday, another year,
With precious memories of one so dear,
Thoughts today of our lives together,
Hold a love that will live forever.

All my life I will miss you
As the years come and go,
But in my heart you will live forever,
Because I love you so.

It's been two days after your birthday, so this is sort of a belated birthday post.  Forgive me for not writing on that day; I spent the day in a sort of haze, between love and pain and the awareness of how blessed I am.  I felt so loved and appreciated by people who reached out to me on that day with loving kindness and compassion, especially by mothers who haven't lost a child, and whom I haven't met in person, but even though they might live far away, they reached out to me and showed me that I am not alone.  

They looked at your picture and commented on how beautiful you are.  And I felt so proud and so sad at the same time.  My beautiful angel, you took part of my heart with you and that part of my heart now lives in heaven.  And I know you are by my side always.  I can feel you, especially when I'm feeling down.  I can feel your arms wrapped around me, telling me not to cry, because you don't want me to cry.  Because you are finally free from the pain that encompassed your last days on earth.  So I think about that, and I know I will see you again someday, and I feel hopeful and I can go on.  But until that day, I will continue to love and miss you, my beautiful angel...


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