Friday, May 10, 2013

For grieving mothers

For the Mother who spends mother's day in grief...
for the mothers who have given life
which they have been bereaved of...
... The mothers who have no reason to celebrate,
because they have lost their sons or daughters...
the mothers who don't know where to turn on mother's day
so not to see all flowers on display for mothers, reminding them of their loss. For all the mothers who are ignored
because they are mothers no more.

Happy Mother's Day to the Mother in You

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday in Heaven...

Today is your 30th birthday.  In heaven, where you are residing since July 17th 2005.  I miss you, but you are happy now... and safe... and beautiful, just like the angel you are.  And I love you with a love that lasts forever.  A mother's love.  Happy Birthday, my beautiful angel.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wish you were here...

Wish you were here, a song by Mark Harris - this song was given to me years ago by someone who also lost a child, and it has become a song that I love so much!  The lyrics will sometimes bring tears to my eyes.  

Just because, I wish you were here, my angel... this song is for you.

Missing you...

My angel daughter: an image I carry inside of me, forever...

My angel Getzia with her baby Jayleanna ...

I am still missing you, baby girl...
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you,
Recalling those moments, like memory flashes.
I hear your laughter, I smell your perfume
when the wind carries that scent
and I think of you, and know you are near...
I hear your daughter's voice on the phone
and realize how much she sounds like you...
and the laughter, that clear laughter of hers
when I hear it, I cannot help myself
but think that I am hearing you all over again.
Yes, I am thinking of you today as well
since tomorrow marks your 30th birthday,
and as I think, I can't help but feel grateful
that I got to know you, because
you were a special human being,
although you didn't see yourself that way
most of the time...
How I wish to turn back time
and be able to hear your voice
once again,
and see you, so beautiful always,
and tell you, don't worry
everything is going to be alright...
but you are not here anymore, my child
my beautiful angel in heaven...
I get to go on without you,
missing you, forevermore.

With love,

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I realized it's your birthday in heaven next week... My baby is going to be 30 years old?  Where did time go? 

And then again, it's been like time stopped the day you left this world.  All I do is try to go on, but you are constantly, forever in my mind, my child.  I feel you, I smell you, I see you walking this earth.... then, when I look close, it's somebody else that closely resembles you... and I long for the day when I can see you again, the real you... when I can hear your voice again, hug you and tell you how terribly I miss you, how life is not the same without you... all those things I want to do when I see you again.   And I dream for that moment to be now, but I have yet to wait... and try to go on and remember the gift you left us: your child Jayleanna... and how beautiful she is  and how much she is like you... and it brings me some sort of relief to have a part of you living among us... but now I am not in Rhode Island and I don't know when I will be able to live there again... close to my Jayle.   And to visit your gravesite again... and to re-live everything all over again...

But I need to wait a little longer.  There's things I need to do here.  I have to remember I am here for a reason, and I will get back to R.I. in due time.  In due time I will revisit the place where everything happened.  In due time...

For now, all I can do is prepare myself mentally and physically for your birthday.  I promise you I will be alright, my love.  But the one thing I can't do is to stop myself from loving you.  I am your mother, and, like I told you once, a mother's love is forever.

So I get to go on, forever loving you...💕💕 💕

-Mommy💕 💕💕