My angel Getzia and baby Jayleanna

She was born today... 4 days before Halloweeen... 9 years ago.  I remember being there with you to welcome her into the world.  She was a tiny 5 pound 9 ounce little thing... and you were only 6 pounds when you were born!

As I sit here, I think about you and her... my little princess.  I miss both of you at this moment, but I know I will see you again one day, and I will see Jayle when I go to RI...

I hope and pray she is okay today and always and that she had a wonderful birthday...  when I get to talk to her, I will tell her how much I love her.  But I pray she knows it in her heart of hearts.

I got to talk to her today... at 6:23 pm... turns out I had left a text for her dad and another for her stepmother... Jayle called me from her stepmother's phone... I am so grateful for being able to hear her voice and say happy birthday to her...  I am so, so grateful! Thank you!
I love you, Jayle!
Happy Birthday, my sweet girl!
 ❤️  ❤️  ❤️


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