I was sitting on my porch just now, having some coffee while looking up to the sky and thanking my Creator for another day that He allows me to be on this earth. It was then and there that I made a very important discovery, the most important in my life: life does go on. The pain subsides as part of the healing process, and you are much stronger because of it!

My daughter left this world in a horrible way. Being a mother, you don't want to go through this! Children should bury their parents, not the other way around, I thought. I had to be strong for my family, but there were more questions than answers, while going through the grieving process. I also had to struggle with a legal system that threatened to take her daughter and place her with the father. I selfishly wanted her to be with us, because we had lost our Getzia, and the baby was all we had left of her. So my children's father and I fought, and fought, for a whole year. Finally, we got visitation with her, and now we get to have her for entire weeks and weekends! While going through this process, I have cried, but I have prayed: I knew that there was a reason for all this, like there was a reason my daughter had lived on this earth. Throughout all this, my Creator was watching. He sent his angels to comfort me in my time of need. Angels from heaven, and also angels in human form.

Today, 5 years after her passing, I am grateful that she was here. I honor my child's memory, for she will forever live in my heart. I am grateful for everyone that has been there through the years with a kind word when the pain was too much to bear. I am grateful to my Creator for giving me my granddaughter Jayle, because she is the most wonderful reminder of her mother.

Now I cry tears of gratitude and joy. Never thought I'd say this, but life does go on, the pain subsides, and you are much stronger in the end...

With never-ending love,



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