My granddaughter Jayleanna is my late daughter Getzia's child.  She went back to her father's house on August 7, 2014.  She is so afraid of her father, that she began shaking and crying and screaming for me not to let her go back to that house after he threatened her on the phone that morning.  She said, "I know I'm in trouble, he will beat me, please grandma don't let me go back! "  My heart just sank on my chest. I called the police, and DCYF to protect my granddaughter, but no one would do anything unless there are physical scars.  

I have tried to have these people listen to me, but DCYF will not have it.  This has been happening since Jayleanna was 4 years old.  To them, I am only a grandmother, I don't exist.  For years, I have been telling them my child is in danger with this man, with his extensive criminal record and now a registered sex offender.   What is wrong with this picture?  What has this child done to have to be subjected to this abuse by this man, both physical and emotional? 

I will not stop fighting for her until somebody listens.  Until there is change in the laws of this state.   Until she is safe by my side. I will not lose hope.  

 I will be saying this prayer every day from now on.  I will also ask the angels to protect her.  You are not alone, Jayle.  Grandma's here and I love you with all my heart.

Hold her hand, Jesus

Hold Jayle's hand, Jesus, hold her hand.

          Walk with her in the valley of her loneliness/pain/anxiety/distress and sorrows.

          Hold on to her, Jesus,when she's too afraid to think about her tomorrows.

          Let her lean on you, Jesus, when  she’s too weary to go on.

          Hold her hand, Jesus, through her days and nights until she sees the dawn.

Hold her hand, Jesus, hold Jayle's hand…


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