My angel daughter: an image I carry inside of me, forever...

My angel Getzia with her baby Jayleanna ...

I am still missing you, baby girl...
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you,
Recalling those moments, like memory flashes.
I hear your laughter, I smell your perfume
when the wind carries that scent
and I think of you, and know you are near...
I hear your daughter's voice on the phone
and realize how much she sounds like you...
and the laughter, that clear laughter of hers
when I hear it, I cannot help myself
but think that I am hearing you all over again.
Yes, I am thinking of you today as well
since tomorrow marks your 30th birthday,
and as I think, I can't help but feel grateful
that I got to know you, because
you were a special human being,
although you didn't see yourself that way
most of the time...
How I wish to turn back time
and be able to hear your voice
once again,
and see you, so beautiful always,
and tell you, don't worry
everything is going to be alright...
but you are not here anymore, my child
my beautiful angel in heaven...
I get to go on without you,
missing you, forevermore.

With love,


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