I am writing to tell about an incredible event.  Two days ago, I  met an incredible woman that has an angel in heaven.  Her name is Marisol Martinez and her angel's name is Danny. Turns out that my beautiful soul sister Tai Pelli had sent me a video of a fundraiser for Danny, a walk to aid in the Prevention of Suicide.  We have started communicating ever since, and I am so humbled by Marisol's kind gesture of taking your name with her to the walk!  Another friend, Annette, is doing the same.  I am grateful to the both of them for their loving gesture.  I had tears of gratitude when I found out about this!

Losing you has been the most painful thing I've had to face, my child: there were days I didn't know how to make it.  But through the years, I have been blessed with wonderful people in my life, such as these women, who have touched me in such a way that has allowed me to go on.  I thank God and the angels for allowing me to be here and connect with them and others along the way. 

I am also including this information here.  We don't know if there's someone that would read these lines.  Someone might be going through depression and has contemplated suicide.   I want to reach out in every way possible to others, just like Marisol is doing with the community walks.  I believe we can make a difference, my angel.  And we will.

Here is the link for the AFSP website: http://www.afsp.org/


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